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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 1: Total distance: 97.55mi Total time: 9.13.34 Avg speed: 10.5mph Top speed: 25.5mph

Ow. That's the simple term of today's ride. I've decided to start these posts with what I'll call:

Random thoughts of the day:
-Nobody told me America is ALL UPHILL
-Why does Mother Nature hate me?
-I think at one point today...I was passed by a stick
-Who ever said that biking wasn't fun...oh wait, I did...4
-You know what you shouldn't put 200 yards from a prison?.....a gun store...good one Florida
-Why do all dogs hate bikers?

Moving on to the day. I'm not going to lie, the ride was very very tough, with almost 100% uphill, into the wind the whole time, 3 episodes of rain, and the chain fell off twice. However, I made it 97 miles alive and in one piece. Rode on some empty country roads and some 2 lane highways with cars and trucks going by at 70mph. Quite an experience for the first day on the road. Should get easier for the most part, less mileage at the very least. The dipping of my tire in the ocean was cool, but the sand in my chain and bike was not! Overall worth it though.

Moving on to my warmshowers host Dave. Gave me a great night with him and his friends. They showed me a great night with great convos. Thanks for showing me the Gator nightlife and "the lap." And thanks ahead of time for the campus tour before I leave tomorrow.

I'm 2 for 2 in great nights on this trip...I can only hope it continues...with easier bike rides hopefully!

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