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Monday, January 23, 2012

Day 13 (12 riding): Total overall distance: 905.74mi Total distance today: 78.78mi Total time: 7.00.18 Avg speed: 11.2mph Top speed: 26.0mph

Random thoughts of the day:
-speed limit: 55. Me: 12.5.
-they should make a bicycle speed limit just to make bikers feel good about themselves
-there needs to be waffle houses in the north...immediately
-my seat isn't very comfortable today
-I refuse to call it saddle because cyclists call it that and I refuse to call myself a cyclist
-rolos are an unbelievably under-rated candy

The goal when I left the Baker's house this morning around 8 was to try and go about 105 miles to Bunkie, LA. However, the headwinds I faced all day, especially for a 2 hour section between miles 50-70, kept me from reaching there before dark. So my options were to go there in the dark (not a good option), stealth camp somewhere between Simmesport and Bunkie (not a fun option especially with thunderstorms almost every night lately), or stop early and get a motel room in Simmesport (ding ding).
Thank you again to the Bakers for allowing me to stay with them last night. They spoke about a couple riding their bikes around the world who were to stay with the tonight. I jokingly said I may pass them on my way out of town...lo and behold, I saw them pedaling towards me at my 40 mile mark today. We had a brief conversation and went our separate ways. Can you believe that these two, a young guy and girl about my age, are biking around the world??!! Now that's just ridiculous. I can't help but wonder where they found the time or money to do so. Good luck to them! They did mention that they passed 3 other people headed in the same direction as me but about 15 miles ahead of me so I probably won't catch them until tomorrow sometime if ever. Who knows if I'll actually see them or not.
As you can tell by one of the pictures below, I had a very boring section of the ride today...and of course it was the section that was really into the wind too. Great combination! Not. But I did get to cross the Mississippi RIver today which was pretty cool. Unfortunately I didn't see Tom Sawyer or Huck Finn though :(
I plan on a big ride tomorrow, the wind is supposed to be a little quieter and more of a cross wind then a head wind. I hope so! I've yet to feel a tail wind, but I should fly when I get one. Unfortunately, there is some bad weather moving from west to east across Texas and through Louisiana...awesome. My weather channel app is saying it should start raining in my location around 3 or 4 tomorrow afternoon but is possible all day. So I plan on leaving very early and trying to beat the rain to the next hotel (clearly not camping in rain!) Then I guess I will see about Wednesday, weather looks iffy for the next few days.

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