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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Great day and way to start the journey

Getting u at 4 was not fun but the day has been well worth t so far! Met a lot of great people already who were incredibly helpful and generous. It started with Captain Conrad driving an hour to pick me up at the airport and then getting my bike at Amtrak and bringing me back to his Pirate Haus Inn and Hostel. All for a very reasonable price too.

Then I had my pedals adjusted and inspected for free at a local bike shop and after I rode around a little I decided to grab some pizza and wander a little.

That's when I met John, a local St. Augustian who was nice enough to have some pizza with me and swap stories Then he gave me a walking tour followed by a nice riding tour through the oldest town in the country. I can only hope that I am lucky enough to keep meeting people like these two.

Big day planned tomorrow. Gainesville is the target finish line but it will be about a 98 mile ride! Only 90 from the hostel but I want to go to the beach first to dip my back tire in the ocean and that is 4 miles in the wrong direction. Oh well, it will be worth it!

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