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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 16 (15 riding): Total overall distance: 1134.15mi Total distance today: 106.30mi Total time: 8.20.36 Avg speed: 12.7mph Top speed: 21.0mph

Random thoughts of the day:
-Boom, first century ride...and then
-Head, shoulders, knees & toes, knees & toes...why no waist?
-Oh hi 3 other fully loaded bikers headed to the same place as me are you?
-I am 50 miles into Texas and have seen...nothing
-It is very difficult to place an order at a Sonic when you walk I just walked into the kitchen through a side door and asked someone to feed worked

Well I was on the road this morning by 7:00, which was a little later than I wanted, but my bed was sooooo comfy and warm. It was still somewhat dark when I left and a little chilly but not too bad. I had yet another PB&J sandwich for breakfast and didn't stop until I was 20 or so miles in where I went into a Dollar General and got some donuts and typical breakfast. When I walked out, I was greeted by 3 cyclists who were fully loaded and stopped by to see where I was headed. Amazingly, not only are we headed in the same direction overall, but we actually had the same destination in mind for tonight. So here I sit with Paul, Nadine, and Ricky. It was nice to ride with other people for most of the day, and really nice people too. We had some pretty brutal headwinds today too so it was nice to be able to switch leaders after a while. Plus, thanks to them, I am eating better than I would've tonight. They shared some food and tea with me and we've had some great conversations as we sit in a trailer in Thicket, TX. This place is the first of many in Texas that is in the middle of absolutely nowhere. It's day one of a bunch in TX, that's for sure. I am glad there was a camper available though, because we were going to sleep in our tents and the mosquitos outside are huge and angry.
Like I mentioned, we had some brutal headwinds today, upwards of 10-15 miles per hour basically all day long, but we still managed to go 106 miles. Not too shabby, but definitely would've been harder by myself. Luckily, with the big ride today, I only have 80 miles or so to go tomorrow to get to John's apartment in The Woodlands. I'm not sure how the roads will be since 80% of them are off of my maps but hopefully they won't be too bad. It should be a very nice day at least. Today was cloudy and cool and windy all day. Unfortunately I'll have to say bye to my new friends after about 20 miles tomorrow but maybe I'll see the down the road in Texas...time will tell.

Happy Birthday to my awesome sister Shannon!!

Goodnight and thanks for reading!

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