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Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 3: Total overall distance: 217.65 Total distance today: 88.11mi Total time: 7.32.33 Avg speed: 11.7mph Top speed: 23.5mph

Random thoughts of the day:
-Shade and I are on a love/hate was not love
-I wish I couldn't feel my toes...because then they wouldn't hurt
-I'm glad I'm faster than that fat dog chasing me
-miniature horses are awesome and I want one. Saw a bunch today and brought back some good childhood memories of going to Newport and stopping to see some on the way

Today was unbelievable. First off,, I have to thank Robert again for giving me a room in his home, food, water, and friendship. I was sad to leave there but had to be on my way.
The day started very cold. I had to go with cold gear leggings and my FJ mock turtleneck. They kept me warm for the most part but my face was cold with the wind blowing into me (shocking another head-wind). The worst part though were my cold!!!!! However, despite the cold...I made great time and actually felt pretty good riding. My body reacted very well to another long day of riding and it came pretty easy considering.
I rode mainly on country roads today and they were pretty quiet. They had no shoulders but with little traffic, it wasn't an issue.
About 50 miles in, I stopped at a gas station thinking it was the last thing I would see with food for quite a while. i was planning on camping out in the cold and bought some bread, peanut butter and jelly to get me through the night. As I went to check out, the cashier asked me if I was with the other two? Ummm, huh? That was my reaction. So she tells me that 2 guys just stopped in about a half hour ago and they are also headed to San Diego!! What are the odds???
Anyway, I decided to pedal hard to try and catch them to ride with them for a while at least and maybe camp with them since there was no places to stay indoors reachable today. I was able to catch up to Mason and Cameron a little while later and ended up riding into a small town with them. They decided to camp there and I almost joined them but since I want to get to Tallahassee tomorrow, I decided to push on a little further. Cool guys though and maybe we will meet up again down the road.
Boy am I glad I went on! I rode into a town called Madison, FL at about 5:00 and was happy to see some life and some stores. So I went into Subway still thinking I was going to be camping the 25 degree weather tonight and would have to "stealth" camp besides. I was not looking forward to it really.
Then a nice older woman walks in to tell me that my bike light was still on and we struck up a conversation. Long story short, she gave me 10 dollars for Haiti! Then Captain Mark of the Madison County Sheriff's Office strikes up a conversation with me and I ask hime if there's anywhere good to camp besides the woods. He then offers me a hot shower at the station, but also a place to sleep at the gym! He even went as far as to give me use of his portable heater. Super nice guy. I also met Ammi and Mainjoe who were nice enough to invite me back to the station for some dinner after I got shown to the gym. Mainjoe makes some mean homemade fried chicken!
I could go on but the basis of this story is that there are still good people in this world who would go out of their way to help a complete stranger. I cannot thank the people I've met enough for what they've done for me...and it's only day 3!!
This trip has thus far exceeded all expectations I had. It's not about the pedaling so much as it's about the things I see and mainly the people I meet. I had to turn down a nice meal from a couple Madison EMS folks because I had already accepted an off for food. I mean that's unreal! So awesome!

I plan on riding through Tallahasse tomorrow and stopping on the outskirts of the city at Gene's house. Now here's another person who is almost too good to be true. Gene is on warmshowers but won't be home tomorrow biggy he says...the house is yours. I'm speechless. Thanks ahead of time Gene!
When you get a chance, be sure to check out That is the fundraising site I am using for Haiti, but you won't need the rest of the address because if you look at banner #3 on the's me and my trip!! That's right, I'm on the homepage of the biggest and best fundraising site in the big deal. But it's only amazing if people continue to donate! Will you help me reach my goal??
And the comments keep me please leave some :D


  1. Keep it up Devin!! This is awesome!!!!

  2. Devin, sounds like an EPIC journey so far. The kindness of strangers is amazing. 200 down, 3000 to go! Keep up the good work. We are all cheering for you. Hope it's a little warmer for you out there today. Loving the random thoughts of the day.


  3. Hey Devin-

    Continue to enjoy your ride. Sounds like you are having a great experience. Toe covers are an absolute must with those cycling shoes. If you don't have any, stop into a cycling store and pick some up, they will be well worth the investment. If you're not going to be near a bike store soon, let me know and I'll send toe covers to you somewhere en route.

    Good luck!

    David A.

  4. Thanks guys! Dave, I'll have to find one. It until then I have packets of hand Warner's to put in the end of the shoe. Worked great today. Thanks for the tip! Probably the one thing I didn't cover :/