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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 4: Total overall distance: 295.48 Total distance today: 77.83mi Total time: 6.36.40 Avg speed: 11.7mph Top speed: 27.0mph

Random thoughts of the day:
-I've never gotten such a nasty look after just saying hi...stupid cow
-I refuse to learn French
-There are A TON of cows in this part of FL
-There are a lot of mini-horses too...I still want one
-Tallahassee and I did NOT get off on the right foot
-Am I really riding my bicycle across the country?!?!

Today was a solid day up until the end. The riding went well and I was feeling good besides a slight pain in my knee...I ignored it obviously. I was averaging a great pace until I hit Tallahassee, then things started to stink. I had traveled on mostly country roads for the better part of the last two days and now had to deal with tight quarters with city drivers. It wouldn't have been so bad if the maps hadn't gotten really confusing and I had been able to stay on the bike path longer. But somewhere along the way I wandered off apparently and was 1 mile off course when I decided to check my Iphone maps. Sure glad I did though. Anyway, the next 45 minutes revolved around me biking a block or two and re-checking my Iphone. At one point I actually rode over the bike path I was supposed to be on. I would have been more mad if I weren't paying attention to not getting hit. But, here I sit in another warm living room typing a blog and watching the Pats absolutely pound the Tebows I mean Broncos. Can't complain, and thanks to Gene and Josh for letting me crash on their couch!
Thanks one more time to Mark because the ground was frozen when I woke up this morning, which means I would've been frozen too!
It was 24 degrees at 7:30 so I didn't leave until 9 when it had warmed to about 35 degrees. Cold, but I warmed up quickly and had to de-clothe a little about 5 miles in, which gives me confidence that I can ride in the 20's.
I plan on hitting the road at 8 tomorrow morning and going for a real big day. Hopefully 95 miles to Chipley, FL where I will either fork up about 40 bucks for a hotel room or I may camp out if it's not too cold...time will tell! It's kind of fun not knowing where I will sleep the day of.
After seeing the two guys yesterday who left St. Augustine 2 days before me and now I am 30 miles ahead of them, I realize that I am officially hauling. They told me I was at a break-neck pace and I guess that fits me...go big or go home! I may slow down to smell the roses when there are more roses, but not much to see around these parts.
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Ps. I added some stuff to the headers, just makes sense to have day number and overall distance.


  1. Way to go Devon! Hope it warms up for you in coming days. Hmm you didnt stop at Doak Cambell Stadium in Tallahassee huh? GO NOLES lol. Just messin with you. I enjoy your blog so keep the photos and your tales coming. Goodluck and happy tailwinds to you.

    1. Tallahasse and I did not get along haha so I got out of there as soon as I could! Glad you are enjoying the blog.