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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 5: Total overall distance: 388.15mi Total distance today: 92.67mi Total time: 7.12.01 Avg speed: 12.8mph Top speed: 32.5mph

Random thoughts of the day:
-I decided to try and think of words that are at least 4 letters long and end in consecutive letters in the alphabet. It took me a couple of minutes but I came up with guild and guile. Don't ask me how
-The Beatles weren't very good at math
-Ignore that noise from the back tire
-Stranger: "Headed to (insert next town's name here)? Me: Nope, a little further. Stranger: "Oh, going all the way to (insert 2nd closest town's name)? Me: I'll head through there...on my way to San Diego. Stranger: Son, you must be out of your mind.

Today was a solid day all around. The first two miles this morning were freezing but then I hit the sun and it wasn't too bad. I'm just about done with 1 of the 7 sections of maps for the trip. That's really good time wise. Really good. The next map gets harder though with more hills, more complicated directions, and worse roads for bikes so I may slow down a little. But not tomorrow, I have another huge day planned tomorrow: about 95 miles. If I make that, I have another warmshowers host sharing their home with me. Not much until then besides stealth camping, so it's worth the trek.
Tonight I decided to get a pretty cheap hotel in a town called Bonifay, FL. I didn't think I'de even get this far today but felt pretty good. The hot shower, king size bed, and football game was worth the money. Especially since there is one more abnormally cold night tonight. After this camping will be a lot more tolerable if need be.
I am excited to hit some roads by the Gulf starting Tuesday, I am getting tired of country roads with 0 views. Starting probably Thursday though, it will be back to rural roads...but now with more hills :(.
For a relatively small stretch today, I rode on a 2 lane highway with no shoulders. Very similar to route 6 in Dartmouth...not very fun. Hopefully not too much more of that. Luckily a long ride tomorrow shouldn't be a huge issue traffic wise since it's MLK day.
Well it's 7:00 in the Central time zone! And I'm going to bed...goodnight.

Ps. Just fixed a goof on overall distance from the cyclocomputer. I'm not quite as quick as I thought but still tearing it up!

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  1. Devin, you're making great time. You're right up there with the RAAM guys