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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 12 (11 riding): OFF DAY

Today was a complete rest day where I barely even looked at the bike. It was great! As much as I dislike not getting closer to my final destination, it was great to rest up...especially in a city like New Orleans thanks to Bobby! I can't thank you enough buddy, and it was great seeing you and catching up. Slept until around 11 and then grabbed a small lunch and met Bobby at a cool local sports bar to watch the Pats game. What a win! Ugly but where will I be in 2 weeks?? I better make sure it has a tv! After the game I was chauffeured back up to Baton Rouge to spend the night with the Bakers. I had my first fully vegan meal and it was pretty good! I still like beef more than black bean burgers though :)
Thank you so much to more awesome hosts!
Tomorrow is going to be back to the reality of the trip and will be a big day...planning on around 100 miles tomorrow but we shall see..........

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