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Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 10: Total overall distance: 750.31mi Total distance today: 23.90mi Total time: 2.21.16 Avg speed: 10.1mph Top speed: 22.0mph

Random thoughts of the day:
-I saw what looked to be a five-year-old driving a golf cart with two other five-year-olds in it...only in the south
-that kid was a better driver then about half of the members I've ever rented a golf cart to
-those three old people are watching nothing but the day go by... exciting
-I can think of at least 17 more efficient ways of cutting a branch the size of my finger off of a tree as tall as me... then to use a chainsaw... silly old man
-not riding while it's still light out makes me feel like I'm wasting valuable time

As you can tell by the total mileage today and by my average speed... I went through with making it virtually an off day. I figured my legs could definitely use it. So I left the hotel at about 11 o'clock and paddled slowly about 23 miles into two towns over (Franklinton, LA). It was weird not peddling all day because I had to kill some major time. I found myself in Subway for an hour and a half and just randomly walking the streets of the town. I was given for use of the campground but the sleeping arrangements were odd. There is a camp cabin with four bunks but I was told there was already one guy staying there so I had use of the bathroom but sleep outside. I decided to wait until he got here to ask if I could sleep inside. When he hadn't shown up yet I went to the bar and left him a note to call me. But as I write this it's 10 o'clock and there's no sign of him. So I'm going to sleep on one of the beds and hopefully he doesn't mind. I guess I'll find out when I wake up!

Tomorrow will be back to a long day of about 90 miles but fortunately it's to another warm showers host. I sincerely hope I can do my laundry there because it's getting bad. I'm still trying to figure out what to do on Sunday and how I can possibly watch the patriots game and if I should venture down into Baton Rouge or not. If I do it would be an extra day in and an extra 70 miles on the bike. But those decisions can wait until tomorrow night. There's also a chance of thunderstorms all day tomorrow so I plan on leaving around 7:30 to give time in case I have to stop and let the storm front pass by. Fingers crossed!

By the way, can somebody do some research and find out what that cow looking creature in the picture below is? It was like a cross between a cow, bull, donkey, horse, and camel. Weird!

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  1. Thanks for stopping to check on me while I had a flat today. I am wishing you a tailwind soon but you definitely didn't have it today. Good luck and stay safe!

    PS: Looks like a Brahman bull to me.