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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 14 (13 riding): Total overall distance: 991.35mi Total distance today: 85.61mi Total time: 6.17.51 Avg speed: 13.6mph Top speed: 18.8mph

Random thoughts of the day:
-I feel like I'm barely pedaling, a little tailwind goes a long way
-Thunderstorms aren't very fun on a bicycle
-I am very wet

Well today started off really well. I left the hotel at around 7:05 and actually had a tailwind for once! It was only about 2 or 3 mph, but after all headwinds it felt great and I was flying. By noon, I had already covered 58 miles. Good thing too with bad weather coming towards me. On a good weather day, I would have been able to go about 110 miles today before dark thanks to pedaling fast and leaving early. Unfortunately though, I was forced to stop in Oberlin, LA. Since I was going so fast though, I was able to go about 85 miles by 2:15.
I had a choice to stop in Mamou, LA or "the heart of the Cajun country" and I was really tempted. I wish I had rode into that town late in the day and on a Friday or Saturday so I could have experienced some Cajun music and maybe some Cajun food...but alas I did not. It was too early to stop for the night, especially with bad weather this afternoon and probably tomorrow too. I wanted to get as far as possible before the rain and thunder drove me to shelter.
Unfortunately, the rain and thunder came just before I reached Oberlin...and there was no shelter at all until I got into town. So while it poured on me and I heard just a couple claps of thunder and one flash of lightning, I rode as fast as I could into the town. For the last 4 miles...I average just over 18mph...lightning will get your butt in gear for sure. Luckily I made it to the local Inn and snagged a room.
The guy at the desk told there he has a few other bikers there who got in just before the rain...lucky! I left Simmesport this morning and they left 2 nights ago. A couple from Scotland headed to Houston and a single guy my age headed to Houston as well. All nice people. They seem to be going a lot slower than me though so I don't plan on riding with them tomorrow, if it's even ridable tomorrow.
My goal is to reach another warmshowers host tomorrow, about 80 miles away. The weather like I said is dicey at best. The forecast has 30% chance of rain until about 3 when it ups to around 70% with possible T-storms. Therefore, I plan on leaving before sunrise, around 6:30 as long as it's not raining and trying to re-do today's pace the whole time. Which means no lunch stop either :( Hello protein bars! But I can't decide anything until tomorrow so keep your fingers crossed!!
I'm willing to get wet while riding...but obviously I won't mess around with lightning...that's just dumb. If all goes well though, I'll be in Texas tomorrow!!!


  1. Very impressive riding, Devin. I hope the bad weather pattern breaks for you.

  2. Ditto.. For a "non-cyclist" bike rider, who sits on a seat as opposed to a saddle(wonder why they call it a seat post instead of a saddle post????) you are banging out some pretty impressive mileage. Keep up the good work.


  3. Thank you both for the comments! I had to call it early today due to tornado warnings and severe thunderstorms but I'm still ahead of where I thought I'de be. Hoping for better weather ahead!