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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 2: Total overall distance: 129.54 Total distance today: 31.99mi Total time: 2.57.01 Avg speed: 10.7mph Top speed: 25.3mph

Random thoughts of the day:
-I forgot that Florida has really southern areas too, not just places like Orlando and Miami and Gainesville.
-There are 3 Heisman winning quarterbacks from Univ. of Florida. They all have statues at the stadium, Tebow's is the only one not in a throwing motion...the ball is tucked away like a running back...I wonder why?
-Churches in the south makes churches in the north look like sheds

Today was a great day! First I got to tour the UF campus, which many of you know, is my favorite school. I got a lot of cool pictures and was even in the football stadium. I can't thank Dave enough for his hospitality and for going out of his way for me.
I left around 12:30 and only went to High Springs, FL about 32 miles away. Partly because I only had half a day, partly because I wanted to see how y legs would react after a long tough ride yesterday, and partly because it was my last chance for a place to stay that wasn't the ground.

My legs felt great and the 32 miles went by easily and quickly! Very reassuring for the rest of the trip.

I got to Robert and Jill's house around 5 or so and was immediately treated like royalty. Jill is arguably the best female underwater cave divers in the world, and one of the best period. She's actually in Egypt right now exploring new areas. Good luck! Robert is a film maker/editor/manager/publicist/author/Iprobably forgot some. But what a great guy! Gave me plenty of snacks, then bought me dinner at a great local restaurant and gave me a room for the night. I was tempted to sleep in the yurt (which was awesome) but it might get chilly so guest room it is! Great stories all night and such unbelievable hospitality...and he promoted the heck out of my cause! I can't thank him enough.

Tomorrow will be a tough day. I plan on riding until I can't anymore...about 9 hours and close to 100 miles again. But then I will most likely have to camp out as there is nothing from here until Tallahassee on warmshowers. I better pack some food too because there's not much on this route period for the next 150 miles or so. Wish me luck!

All in all, so far this trip has exceeded all expectations. I knew I would meet nice and cool people, but never thought I would be given a piece of their home to live in for a night. Unreal.

One last note, for those of you who signed up to receive email updates when I blog...they won't work :( For some reason the blogger app on my Iphone doesn't work with the email portion...sorry! But just bet on me blogging every night!


  1. Goodluck...stay warm this weekend also. I like the Tebow pose too haha....Krypto/Richard from