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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 11: Total overall distance: 826.96mi Total distance today: 76.65mi Total time: 6.49.59 Avg speed: 11.2mph Top speed: 22.5mph

Random thoughts of the day:
-If you don't like road work in a would hate it on a bike
-I am loving not paying for gas
-Saw a kid with a Red Sox hat on today...Red Sox Nation indeed
-Why does the North not seem to care about counties..I've never said I'm from Newport County
-Also, there seem to be no "sheriffs" in the north...especially "county sheriffs"
-Stopped to offer help 2 guys with flats today, one was all set and the other was in a car...not much I coulda done for him but it's the thought that counts

Today was a day of changing my mind and finally deciding to go off the maps that I have been following. I originally planned on going to Jackson, LA about 90 miles away and then deciding about Baton Rouge tomorrow. Then I found a shorter 75 mile path to Jackson and decided to take that and if I felt great, I would continue onto Baton Rouge. Then about 20 miles in, I decided to check out my Iphone and see if there was a possible route straight to Baton Rouge. Since it was a Saturday, I wasn't too worried about traffic. Then I called a college buddy, Bobby who lives in New Orleans and he offered to pick me up in Baton Rouge and take me to New Orleans for tonight and tomorrow. Done. Decision made...there was no way I was passing up a Saturday night down Bourbon St. and football in the city.
So I took the routes I found on the map and it worked out great, for the most part. The roads were fine (either quiet or a big shoulder) up until the last five miles on LA-37. Real shocker that route 37 would give me hell (for those of you who know that inside joke). Anyway, route 37 had 2 lanes in each direction, was relatively busy, quick, and it has zero shoulder. I had no chance of making it on a weekday but I made it through after what seemed like forever. Had a couple of close calls with cars...but it's not exciting if you don't! Sorry Mom.
I had called another warmshowers host earlier in the day to see if I could hang out there until Bobby picked me up and leave my bike there overnight and then return tomorrow and sleep there, leaving Monday morning. Luckily they said fine and were happy to have me. Thanks for today and in advance for tomorrow, Bakers!
I can't thank Bobby and his fiance Grace enough for picking me up and even cooking me a great dinner! Then they took me down to the French Quarter and down Bourbon St before treating me to some awesome beñes at a coffee house in the French Quarter. I probably botched that spelling but they were delicious! And yes, I did have a Hurricane drink from Pat O'Brien's. Strong and tasty.
Let me just say quickly, that Bourbon St. is ridiculous! Just tons of crazy people drinking, throwing beads, dancing, and just being crazy. Lots of live music too, pretty cool to be a part of at least once.
I am looking forward to a fun day watching football tomorrow, but I wish the Saints were still playing to see this place on game-day! My legs are looking forward to a full day off too!

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