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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 15 (14 riding): Total overall distance: 1027.85mi Total distance today: 36.50mi Total time: 2.37.33 Avg speed: 13.9mph Top speed: 21.5mph

Random thoughts of the day:
-I'm not going to mess with tornado warnings
-I hope this pain goes away
-phew, glad that pain went away
-well now I can say I've slept in a teepee
-Cracked the 1,000 mile mark're welcome

I got off to an early start today, technically beating the sun by 5 minutes. I pedaled out of the hotel parking lot at 6:56. As you can tell by my average, I was pedaling hard because I wanted to get to a small town in Texas where I had a place to stay. Unfortunately, those plans didn't quite work out. I rode into the DeRidder, LA at around 9:30 and pulled into a gas station for some gatorade, quick snack, and weather check. I noticed that there was a tornado watch in effect from houston to DeRidder. I most likely could have gotten to the next town with no rain, but after almost getting stuck with no shelter at all yesterday, and still getting rained on for 30 minutes...I decided to call it a day early and find somewhere to stay. I had read about a cool RV Park down the road where bikers can stay in a modern day (wood & electricity) teepee for $15. I decided to go there and wait out the storm. Good idea, it's 4:00 now and it's been thundering and lightning outside for about 2 hours, which would have been 4 hours ago where I was headed. So at least now I'm dry and can get a long night's sleep. I'm actually headed to bed very soon because there's not a whole lot to do anyway, besides sit and listen to the storm. Plus I love falling asleep during t-storms.
Since I still want to get to my college buddy John's place in The Woodlands, TX by nightfall on Friday, I will have a big couple days coming up. The weather forecast looks okay for tomorrow and great for Friday so mileage shouldn't be an issue, especially after a nice long rest today.

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