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Friday, November 18, 2011

Big day to get stuff figured out for the trip

Set up new tires on my bike. I had never changed a tire before so it was a good confidence boost. Its not that hard once you get used to it. Just had to be careful not to pop the tubes since they were fine. Wont have to worry about that if I get a flat though!

I also set up my rear panniers...that wasnt too hard either. Looks like i can fit a lot of stuff in there! Want to set up my front panniers but they haven't ce in the mail yet. Thinking about packing up the panniers to see just how much i can fit in there.

The last thing I accomplished today was pitching the new tent. It's tight but cozy! even in a living room

Enjoy the pictures...

ps. I typed this blog on my iphone with my new wireless keyboard! that will definitely come in handy

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