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Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 41 (36 riding): Total overall distance: 2679.65mi Total distance today: 73.88mi Total time: 5.13.55 Avg speed: 14.2mph Top speed: 24.0mph

Random thoughts of the day:
-These munchkins taste like little chunks of heaven...oh how I've missed you Dunkin Donuts
-What are some of the worst song lyrics to call the police and say. I think this Johnny Cash line has to be up there on the list: "I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die"
-I have to remember to update my animal count!!
-This would be a great time to compete on Supermarket that show still running?
-Paul must have a hot date tonight...he is flying!
-I almost enjoy climbing up big/long hills now...which is ridiculous considering on Day 1 of this trip I was nervous about climbing up and over a speed bump

Today was a solid day all around. Dan and I picked up some Dunkin Donuts, the first DD I've seen on the trip and I think Dan said it was the first he's seen down here too. I introduced Paul and Nadine to munchkins...they obviously thought they were fantastic. Dan left around quarter of 9 and we pedaled away from the hotel right around 9. We deviated from the maps due to more terrible directions and just cut right to Highway 60, about 10 miles before ACA had us getting on it. It was perfectly fine except for the 1/4 mile stretch where bicycles were prohibited...oh well! I am really happy that it was a holiday though since traffic was minimal and there was no shoulder for a long while. Eventually there was a good should to ride on. We spent the entire day on Highway 60 and the first 60 miles were all uphill, although only slightly. Nadine and I averaged around 12mph going up but only because we were chasing Paul the whole time. He decided to ride like Lance Armstrong today and averaged 15.8mph for the whole day. The last 15 or so miles were slightly downhill so our avg increased but yet again Paul was out of sight down the highway.

There aren't many pictures today because there weren't many good views. Just a lot of desert bushes with mountains way in the background. Highway 60 was very straight for long stretches and made for a pretty boring ride. We ended up stopping in Aguila, AZ hoping to camp at the RV park. We chose here because the next possibility to stop was another 28 miles away and we really didn't feel like getting there today. Unfortunately the RV park closed last fall so we were forced to stay at the only remaining motel in town for $70. However, the shower was absolutely awesome! Tomorrow will be a big ride, around 90 miles to a warmshowers host where we can camp for free near a fishing pond. Plus, we will pass into California!!!!!!!!!! Crazy that I'm almost done. The date of arrival to the Pacific Ocean in San Diego is.....Saturday! Provided everything goes as planned of course, which is anything but definite on a bike trip. updated animal count:
-dogs: countless
-dog chasing me: 13
-horses: countless
-mini-horses: countless
-cows: countless
-cats: countless (both in & out of houses)
-bulls: a lot
-goats: countless
-possum: about 15 (none living)
-leopard looking creature: 1 (not living)
-deer: countless but 1 huge buck
-foxes: 5 (1 living)
-birds: countless
-crows: countless
-vultures: about 5
-hawks: about 10
-cardinals: a ton
-javelinas: about 20
-zebras: 2
-elk: 4
-turtles: 7
-beavers: 3 (2 living)
-rams: 2
-armadillos: a lot (none living)

That's all I can think of for now.

I owe a special thank you to Mrs. Carver's 5th grade class at Salem Ave Elementary for their amazingly awesome video message to me! I will definitely "Keep Going Foward" until I reach the Pacific Ocean! I can't wait to meet these kids in person!!

I find it so cool that my blog is being followed by so many people, a lot of them who don't even know me. I need to find a way to get a guest page on here or maybe a link to one. I'll figure it out soon...

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