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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 26 (23 Riding): OFF DAY

Random thoughts of the day:
-I'm not going to write a single thing about the Patriots because it makes me sad
-A few of those car commercials may have been filmed on raids I have ridden on, or so they looked
-If you order a cheeseburger in the south, expect mustard and mayo but no ketchup, southerners don't believe in it
-Having a pre-paid tab is awesome!
-Having someone pay for $30 of my tab from somewhere far away will be one of the most memorable parts of the nice and thoughtful!
-Just the effort alone to find the phone number and give a credit card means so much to me! Thank you!!

Today was a good day, except for the little game that was played. But I'll avoid that topic. I got to sleep in and finally rolled out of bed around 12:30. I had a breakfast of chocolate milk, 5 PB&J sandwiches and then 2 pieces of pizza that I had leftover. More of a brunch I suppose. I decided to head to the sports bar really early, at like 1:45 because I had nothing else to do anyway. I got to watch an atomic wing eating contest. I was 5 feet away and sweating from the smell! I ended up having 15 medium wings that were a little hot but not too bad. As you can tell from the thoughts above, someone called the bar and talked to one o the managers. I was sitting at the bar, where I would be for about 7 hours and had the guy come up to me and ask if I was Devin. Strange. He then told me that someone just called and gave him a credit card to cover $30 of my tab for the night! I was obviously shocked and it is easily one of the highlights of the trip so far. Here I am, by myself on the border of Mexico watching my hometown team play in the biggest game, and someone goes out of their way to do that for me. So awesome! Thank you to the anonymous person (although I think I cracked the code of who it was).

I have a short day planned tomorrow because I want to spend the afternoon and night at the Seminole Canyon State Historic Park and get a tour of the caves at 3:00. It should be fun. It's only about 40 miles or so, but should be a cool stop.

I was so distracted by the Hill Country, that I failed to realize I go constantly uphill from 200 feet above sea level to 8200 feet with a lot of steep mountain climbs. I guess the Hill Country was just a warmup! In tomorrow's 40 miles alone, I climb a few hundred feet and on Thursday I'll top 6,000. Yikes! Anyway, at least I won't be near any tv's for a while so I can avoid ESPN like the plague.


  1. Uhh, the phone number wasn't that hard to find. When you're posting on a public forum(ie. FB) where you are, you just have to click on the business and voila,,,,, there's the address and phone number on Buffalo Wings and Rings FB page. So glad you enjoyed.

    How do you think you've cracked the code? ;-)

  2. Southerners do believe in ketchup, they just prefer to slop it all over eggs.

  3. Curious as to who your crowd favored for the game. TV announcers indicated that game attendees appeared to favor the Giants for which I was a little surprised.

  4. I forgot about today's technology, I guess it wasn't that hard but still awesome. Usually the first person to comment on a post is the person who did it but I don't know for sure. The crowd was split into thirds I would say. 1/3 cheering for Pats but only because they like cowboys and not giants, 1/3 for giants because they don't like Pats, and 1/3 just wanted a good game.

  5. Thanks to the manager @ Buffalo Wings and Rings. I wan't really sure if he would let me make an such an "unorthodox" charge. I, also, wasn't looking for all the accolades you gave to me. Thanks!! It was nothing in comparison to what you are doing. Random thought of the day.........You will probably remember this and pass on the kindness someday!!! All the best.........