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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Mapped out route I will be taking

The following is a link to a picture of the mapped out route I will be following on this trip.  Obviously this is just a glimpse of the general direction.  The maps I have are quite detailed and actually have turn-by-turn directions!

Click here to see the map


  1. Hi Devin. I am a fellow Rhode Islander heading solo the opposite way from San Diego to St. Augustine starting Feb. 1, 2012. I am using Adventure Cycling of America maps which are pretty good. They give very detailed instructions for every turn along the way and have much more information for stops along the route. I hope we run into each other (no pun intended) sometime in February - maybe in Texas.


  2. Can't see the wave in the general direction of Dallas if you pass by :)

  3. I fixed the link, but unfortunately I don't head up towards Dallas, Houston is about as high as I get. Ray, We'll definitely cross paths! I'm following the same maps and I found someone on the adventurecycling forums who is leaving I think on the same day from San Diego if you're interested in contacting them, let me know. Do you have a blog set up?

    1. Hey i also planning a biking trip across america and i think it's agreat opportunity to raise money for a cause. do you have an email address i can contact you at to ask you a few more questions about your trip?

    2. Sure thing! My email is